Great Indian Education Vision
The educational framework needs to recognize the “holistic” nature of knowledge and respond accordingly by providing not just heaps of facts and information but also wisdom to sift the chaff from the grain. This calls for re-imagining our assessment systems to ones that do not merely evaluate the skills of storing and retrieving, but also the ability to use tools of critical thinking and rational inquiry.

Education for tomorrow must hone the learner’s ability to become a co-creator of knowledge rather than being just a passive receiver. We need to thus re-imagine a student to become a lifelong learner, one who carries the acumen and desire to learn, un-learn and re-learn at all spectrums of life.

We need to re-imagine the physical spaces of our schools and transform them into “maker spaces.” Major investments would be required to set up schools that are 21st century ready and upgrade the existing ones.
Source: EY - Vision for School Education 3.0 - A Discussion Paper

The Education Sector in India is $ 2 Billion (INR 1.30 Lakh Crores) and expected to be $ 5.7 Billion (INR 3.70 Lakh Crores) by 2020. This would call for huge investments from various sources. The gap in Financing, whether for the seekers or for the providers of education or support services is huge and any shortfall in this could derail the vision. 

Alwar General Finance Company Pvt Ltd., (AGFCPL) envisions to be the catalyst for the “Great Indian Education Vision” which among others involves providing access to affordable loans and financial services for the purposes of :-
• Better Infrastructure
• Futuristic facilities
• High quality basic Education
• Advanced and Foreign Education
• Skill sets and Upskilling
• Working Capital for Education Sector product and service providers
• Institutional Fund raising assistance


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